The Shifted Librarian

The Shifted Librarian is a personal blog that focuses on the changes that technology has made to the library world. I enjoy reading Jenny's comments and enjoy the passion that she exhibits. This labor of love is a must read for any librarian (or in my case, the soon-to-be librarian).


EContent magazine is dedicated to investigating and reporting on the trends in digital information delivery and management. Their blog is an excellent way to keep up with what is going on in the digital industry. I need to keep updated on new trends and "fads" - this will help keep my skills fresh.

Neat New Stuff on the Net - Weekly Reviews of Useful Sites by Marylaine Block:

This site is one woman's quest to keep the rest of us informed about the best new sources of information on the Internet. It's difficult to find the time to keep up with the new sites that are added every day. Thank goodness for the organized and motivated members of the web community.

Research Buzz

This is an amazing resource that keeps readers informed of new developments in the world of research. Internet information resources are constantly changing. This blog will help me to keep up-to-date on what's new and where I can find resources that I can use to assist patrons.

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