RUSA - The Reference Interview

This is an online course provided by RUSA that addresses one of the most difficult aspects of reference work, the interview. Here is a list of the course modules:

* Module 1: Introduction
* Module 2: Reference Evaluation
* Module 3: Behavioral Guidelines
* Module 4: Approachability
* Module 5: The Reference Interview Environment
* Module 6: Questioning and Listening Techniques
* Module 7: The Reference Interview: Dialogues
* Module 8: The Reference Interview: Follow-up

As a reference librarian, I will be performing many interviews. What I have learned so far, however, is that interview perfection is fleeting. It takes practice, practice, practice. It will help, too, knowing that there are online courses like this one to reinforce my skills.

The 6 Pieces of Evidence


The Ohio Reference Excellence (ORE) website is an excellent site for reference librarians. This page in particular provides an overview of the items that every reference librarian needs to glean from the reference interview. I will be using this site to "brush up" on my interview skills.

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