My Skills

I found some sample job descriptions:

Capital Area District Library

Assessment of My Skills (or "let's take a look at the job description and see if I'm qualified.")

Essential Functions of the Job:

1. Assists patrons with their library needs. Provides quick reference, detailed research, and reader's advisory assistance. Uses information resources in a variety of formats including print, microform, CD-ROM, on-line databases, the Internet, etc. to fill requests.

I have had more than enough training in this area. I have found out from my experiences at Kent that the best way to build these skills is to practice, practice, practice. I manned two KnowItNow24x7 shifts for one Kent class; this was a real eye-opener. I was very prepared, and the questions I received defied all my preparations.

2. Develops and maintains library collections of books, magazines, audio-visual and other materials. Selects materials for assigned collections.

I am inexperienced in this particular area. I need to either take a class at Kent State that addresses these skills or find another class online. Here is a recommended class:

Description: Factors affecting selection in public, academic, school
and special libraries (reading habits, censorship, publishing trends); community analysis, selection policies and process; selection sources; acquisitions.

3. Provides both one-on-one and group training in the use of the library, the library catalog, reference materials, computer databases, and the Internet. May teach classes for both the general public and library staff.

I have had experience in my current career with training. I am an excellent communicator and have enough experience with technology to be an excellent training asset to this library.

4. Explains library policies and procedures to the public.

My communication skills are excellent. I have no concerns about this job duty.

5. Plans, directs, and/or implements special projects involving library promotion and outreach activities.

I have considerable experience in project management. However, I have never worked in the outreach environment. I need to investigate some classes in this particular area.

Here is an interesting page I found on the ALA website:

Keeping the Outreach Brand Viable:
12 Steps to Developing a Dynamic Outreach Program
Click here

6. Publicizes library activities and materials through displays, bibliographies, brochures, news releases, newsletters, web sites, etc.

I've been a webmaster for over 15 years and really enjoy the "visual" part of my job. I am skilled in the use of many tools used to produce these kinds of documents. I look forward to THIS part of the job. :-)

7. May schedule, assign, supervise, and monitor the work of clerical and part-time employees within an assigned area.

I was a supervisor for six years and have excellent project management skills. I do not expect to have any difficulty with these tasks.

8. Other duties as assigned.

Kent State has prepared me well for this position. The only REAL problem I see is that the job is in Michigan. :-)

I also recommend that I attend the conferences found on my Organizations page.


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