American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibit

I wish I could attend this. The American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibit would be not only an informative event, but a chance to network with other library professionals. I would like to attend this conference in the future; hopefully, future conferences will be held in New Orleans!!!! Event Info

The cost for this event varies, depending on if you're a member or not, a student, whether you're an early bird or a last-minute person like me. I'll probably end up paying $380. Here's the brochure.


Electronic Resources and Libraries

This conference is for library professionals who want to learn more about electronic resources. Again, this is an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals. I will need to keep up on trends in the digital information field. Event info

Since this conference is going on right this minute, I cannot find information about the cost to attend. I'll be looking out for next year's event.


PLA 2012 Conference

This is THE conference for public library professionals. Here I can see what's happening in the public library world, what kinds of technologies are being used, get new ideas and share some of my own. As I want to work in a public library, this conference in particular is of great interest to me. Event info

It's too far ahead for this conference. The advance full conference registration cost for last year's event, however, was $330.

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